Welcome to AmpForm!

Welcome to AmpForm!#

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AmpForm aims to automatically formulate PWA amplitude models for arbitrary particle transitions. All allowed transitions between some initial and final state are generated with the qrules package. You can then use ampform to formulate these state transitions into an amplitude model with some formalism, like the helicity formalism.

Some highlights

  • PWA made easy
    Need to add some resonance, remove one, or check out some coupled channel? QRules has you covered! It finds all allowed transitions and AmpForm will formulate the amplitude model.

  • Narrow the gap between code and theory
    AmpForm amplitude models are formulated with SymPy. For instance, have a look at Dynamics to see how easy it is to inspect and understand the math as well as the code behind the model.

  • Adjust and modify the model to your needs
    Need some additional background terms some specific dynamics functions for your decay channel? Use Custom dynamics, substitute or add specific expressions, or couple parameters in an instant, without having to change the framework.

  • Convert to several computational back-ends
    The amplitude models can easily be converted to computational back-ends like JAX, TensorFlow, and NumPy. The TensorWaves package facilitates this and also provides tools to generate toy Monte Carlo data samples.

  • Use your favorite Python packages
    All this functionality is offered in an open and transparent style (see API), so that you can navigate AmpForm’s output and feed it to whatever other Python packages come in handy for you. For instance, check out Inspect model interactively to see how to inspect your model with an interactive widget.

The Usage pages illustrate how to do some of these things. You can run each of them as Jupyter notebooks with the launch button in the top-right corner ;) Enjoy!

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